Sunday, July 19, 2009

Games Maniac try Phelio Games

Games maniac that was me. Hehehe ...
Almost every day I am playing with a lots of games. Whether it online games, or games that I played on the laptop. Yup, I am the pc games maniac. Yesterday a friend refrence me one of the Mac games
, which can also be installed on the PC. Although not as perfect as PC games that are specific to the PC, but mac games
also can be installed at the PC, but we wouldn't get the full version that was we imagine.

Seeing the development of the MAC in Indonesia, we can simply hold up thumb. Perfecto design, the form of a stylist and also very good to use the designer.
Yesterday fraudulent attempts
mac solitaire .... hehehhe ... I'm lost. It more difficult then I tought. Enjoy ...

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