Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Jim Piccolo

For several post, I have been talking about the Nouveau Riche, Nouveau Riche University and many more about the Nouveau Riche itself, without look deeply the man behind the successful stories of Nouveau Riche. Yes, you are right. The man called Jim Piccolo.

Who is he? He is one of the visionary CEO of the Nouveau Riche - a man who is the driving force behind the Nouveau Riche University. Frankly I lost my words, when I read the stories of Jim Piccolo, because I’m pretty sure that is not an easy to be him. You must be dedicated person, diligent, hard work, patient, smart, highly intuition and the last is having steel mentality. And all those things matter can bring as one in one person Jim Piccolo

More than a dozen companies already born from his hand. Operating, creating, maintaining, establishing companies already became a habitual action from his hand, what a wonderful person. Although his already become an a very successful and inspiring person to the people who work in real estate area, I personally have to take a look at him and learn a lot from this adorable person. The best quote, I got from Jim Piccolo is “You must build relationships and recognize that you create your own success when you create success for others.” Simply but it’s really true. Build your own success first, then you can create the others success people by you.

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